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Covid-19 is changing the way sports are taking place and if you're buying tickets, there's some things you should keep in mind.

The Better Business Bureau is reminding consumers to check the cancellations and refund tickets prior to purchasing them in case of a Covid-19 cancellation which recently happened to a BYU game.

You should also buy from a reputable dealer instead of a seller on a third-party website such as Craigslist or even from social media.

Additionally, sports memorabilia is very popular during this time of year but there are ads popping ups offering discounts on social media which may often times lead to fake merchandise.

Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager, BBB said, "If you see a great deal popping up on your social media be aware of that and we've also seen cases here in Eastern Idaho of people trying to ordering things because they thought they're going to get a great deal they sent the money in, never got the jersey, never got the money back and it was a total loss."

When purchasing tickets or memorabilia try sticking to legitimate sites such as Ticketmaster, StubHub, or the direct websites or of professional teams.


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