Crumbl Cookies in Pocatello

Crumbl Cookies Store in Pocatello

Six states, 33 storefronts and a whole lot of cookies. Crumbl Cookies is setting up shop in Pocatello.

It's a cookie shop that started in Utah and is spreading across many of the western states. The newest addition, and fourth location in Idaho, is right here in Pocatello.

This evening at six o'clock the doors will be unlocked for the grand opening of the newest shop.

The founders of Crumbl have to approve every new store and say their Idaho customers are great. For them, it was an easy decision to say yes to this locale.

Located at 231 West Quinn Road, Crumbl Cookies is in the Rail Crossings shopping plaza next to Firehouse Subs. 

The new Pocatello store won't only bring in fresh cookies to the area but create new jobs as well.

Crumbl Cookies Co-Founder Sawyer Hemsley says, "So, we typically start out with 30 to 35 employees... so, we have about five to six drivers on the weekends and three to four during the week. We start baking at five a.m. So, it's important to fill each shift, which we have about three to four shifts a day, with three or four bakers [who are] baking cookies fresh for our customers."

According to Crumbl founders their cookies are the best out there. Friday every one who walks through the doors will get a free chocolate chip cookie so they can decide that for themselves.


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