This morning, Chad Daybell appeared in court for his preliminary hearing for two felony counts of conspiracy to commit alteration, destruction, or concealment of evidence in the deaths of his wife's (Lori Vallow) children.

"As soon as they removed the paneling, I immediately could smell the odor of a decomposing body," said detective Ray Hermosillo. The detective from the Rexburg Police Department was at Chad Daybell's property on June 9 and 10 when the remains of J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan were found.

Hermosillo said, "[They discovered] what would appear to be a mass of burnt flesh and charred bone."

Following the excavation of the remains, Hermosillo was one of the officers in charge of taking the remains to the Ada County Coroner's Office for the autopsy.

He describes the state J.J.'s body was in saying: "The head had a white plastic bag over the top of it."

From there the detective described how the duct tape wrapped the head on the outside and inside of the bag. The detective also describes J.J.'s arms and ankles being bound together with duct tape.

His first-hand account of the case was emotional for J.J's grandparents, Kay and Larry Woodcock, who were two of a handful of people allowed in the courthouse to witness the proceedings. The two were often seen crying as the officer spoke.

Later in the afternoon, a second detective was called to the witness stand. He was involved in the initial welfare check police conducted late last year. He spoke to Lori Vallow on that day and the video from his body camera was submitted as evidence.

Also, Melanie Gibb (a friend of Chad and Lori) was called to the stand. She was one of the last people to see J.J. alive.

We'll hear from those two witnesses tonight on KPVI News at 10. To watch our 10 p.m. coverage look for the attached YouTube video at the top of the article.


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