As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change shape across the country everyday, local officials are urging the public to do its part in preventing further spread. What should you be doing? According to doctors, practicing social isolation.

Southeast Idaho Public Health, Portneuf Medical Center and local elected officials are working on implementing new protocol at the local level during the coronavirus outbreak to help slow down the spread of the virus.

The protocol is based on recommendations from the CDC. Following these guidelines has a goal.

The goal has a term you've probably heard often the last few weeks: "flattening the curve."

There is only so much officials can do during the pandemic. To slow down the spread of COVID-19 and keep hospitals from overcrowding (flattening the curve), the public needs to cooperate with preventative measures put in place.

For health officials, the most important thing you can do to help flatten the curve is practice social isolation.

Dr. Dan Snell (Portneuf Medical Center's chief medical staff) says, "We do this because our best bet in keeping people safe is social isolation, and our ask of the public is to help us in this effort."


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