What does Rexburg, Idaho have in common with Milwaukee, Wisconsin and New Orleans, Louisiana?
Other than the fact that there are vowels in all their names, not a whole lot. But in this specific case, they each have a similar amount of support from their respective populations to prevent an important issue.
"There's nothing worse than carrying out a pizza and you're taking it home only to hit a crack or a bump and your pizza is tossed and ruined," said Danielle Bulger with Domino's Public Relations. 
In June, Domino's Pizza announced its 'Paving for Pizza' campaign to get Americans to nominate their cities for a grant from dominos to fix potholes and bumps in the roads to protect pizzas from harm while in the car.
Previously mentioned cities New Orleans and Milwaukee have been declared winners along with 13 other cities, and today Rexburg was added to that list.
"It's weird because we're such a small community and there are these really big cities that are winning this nomination, so it's cool we're like yeah kind of on the map a little bit," said Rexburg Domino's assistant manager Megan Johanson. 
The $5,000 dollar grant made Rexburg public works director Keith Davidson do a double-take at first when the announcement showed up in his inbox. He added that now is an important time of year to determine which areas are going to need the help.
"Generally as the rain and as the weather turns, that's when we see the potholes start forming and coming out, so we'll be just looking on our streets and seeing those areas that are the worst that we can utilize that money for," said Davidson.
So whether you see this as a move for pizza safety or public safety, Rexburg is getting a slice.

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