If you’ve driven past a car dealership on South 5th, you may have noticed that there are no cars on the lot.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin went to Robert Allen Dealership to find out why his car lot sits almost completely empty and local citizens who are curious about it.

Fred Davies takes his daily walks past Robert Allen’s dealership on South 5th Street.

He says lately he’s been curious about why the car lot sits empty.

“Robert Allen has slowly gotten all the cars off his lot.  I stopped in to ask what was going on and they said they were waiting for a whole big shipment of older cars that they thought they could sell for a lot less money and provide people good transportation,” says Fred Davies, Pocatello.

Robert Allen’s dealership in Pocatello has very few cars left on the lot and when asked about it, he had no comment other than changes are coming that will be good for the community.

But a court document obtained by KPVI shows that a federal judge ruled in July that a creditor for Robert Allen Nissan in Helena, Montana can take possession of 90 vehicles from the dealership.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation or NMAC filed a complaint alleging Robert Allen Nissan breached its agreement with the company in February.

In that agreement, Allen’s dealership must repay the loans within a set time following the sale of a vehicle.

According to court filings, NMAC requested that Robert Allen Nissan repay all outstanding balances on loans and agreements totaling over $6.7 million dollars including interest.

Robert Allen Nissan also cannot issue checks or remove cash from accounts, except to make NMAC payments.

“I was hoping they weren’t going out of business.  That would have been a disaster.  They’re a good company and Robert’s a good man and his employees all need jobs, so I’m hoping it will work out for them,” says Davies.

According to court documents, both parties requested the court allow the dealership to pay employee wages they are owed for the pay period ending on July 15th.

KPVI sat down with Robert Allen on Friday and he declined to go on camera and declined to comment on the federal judge’s ruling.


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