The high school football season has been over for a while now.
Some seniors will continue to play at the next level, others won't play another snap of organized football again.
So each May, a collection of seniors around eastern Idaho get together one last time.
"We just wanna keep it clean and family friendly and fun, but fun in a competitive way. So we think it'll be a hoot," said Century Coach Travis Hobson.
For the eighth year, the East Idaho All-Star football game gave seniors all over the area the chance to compete.
The teams are divided into north and south, ranging from Preston to Teton, and from 2A to 5A classification.
This year, 21 schools participated, many of which aren't used to being friendly with some of the other helmets on their team.
"The kids enjoy getting together and playing with the guys that they used to beat each other up across the field, now you're on the same side. That turns into a north vs south, still a lot of fun though," said Hobson.
So it isn't too common to see Skyline teaming up with Idaho Falls, or Blackfoot teaming up with Snake River.
But for one night, rivalries get thrown aside, history is forgotten, and it becomes an eastern Idaho civil war.
"It's about letting the kids go out and have fun, and leave their careers on one last football high note. I mean, who else gets to play football right before you go to summer break, or to college, or to missions, or whatever the case may be? They get to go have a little bit of fun before they go. So it's all about the kids, it's all about them having fun," said Hobson.

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