East Idaho Credit Union raises nearly $40k for local food banks during pandemic

East Idaho Credit Union launched a virtual food drive in the month of April to help give back during an unprecedented time.

The Credit Union had heard about a need for monetary donations since collecting cans was hard to do during a pandemic. EICU activated the credit union philosophy of People Helping People by working with their members throughout Eastern Idaho to raise funds, with the donations of their employees and members EICU was able to start distributing checks on a bi-monthly basis to nine local food banks.

“We love our communities and we wanted to partner with our members to do something special for those in need.” said Dan Thurman, CEO of East Idaho Credit Union.  

 “We were so impressed by the generosity of our employees and members in seeing all they had donated to help our communities in this unprecedented time” said Matthew Rice, East Idaho Credit Union’s AVP of eServices, “My back office team wanted to get involved in the great work our branches were doing, so we worked with our card processor, PSCU, to design a card campaign”.

The Spend and Give campaign ran in the month of July. Every time a member spent money using their East Idaho Credit Union debit or credit card EICU would donate one percent of their purchase to the local food banks.

“The campaign was an amazing success, we hit our max donation of $15,000 about three-quarters of the way through the month” continued Rice, “at the end of the campaign we received amazing news from PSCU that they had decided to donate $10,000 on top of the $15,000 donation that EICU was going to make”  

This month, East Idaho Credit Union dropped off final checks to the food banks concluding the food drive and the Spend and Give campaign. Each of our local  food banks received a giant check that showed the total amount donated to them this year. EICU is thankful to the communities of East Idaho.

It was awesome to see how much people came together to help give back to a great cause during a hard time. “Knowing that we could all have a part in a good thing during a hard year meant the most to us,” said Bailey Foster, East Idaho Credit Union’s Marketing Generalist. “Giving back is important to us, and to see the generosity of those within our communities was amazing.” 


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