Students across the nation will be participating in the ‘March for Our Lives’

Organizers of the local ‘March for Our Lives’ in Idaho Falls say that although they will be marching states away…they will be side by side with other marchers across the country.

Eastern Idahoans will participate in the ‘March for Our Lives’ event in Idaho Falls on Saturday.

A movement demanding change and students taking action.

Over 800 marches are scheduled across the nation.

“The reason we are marching here in Idaho Falls is to show solidarity with those that are marching in Washington tomorrow.  That’s where I think the most change will be seen.  I think seeing all the youth take the streets in Washington D.C. tomorrow will be the beginning of change,” says Jacob Rich, Event Organizer.

Students from School Districts 91 and 93 are working together to bring awareness to gun issues.

Although the schools are not promoting the event, officials say they encourage students to be actively engaged and have multiple viewpoints.

“Especially for current events in things that are affecting them.  We want them to see the world and take a critical look at things and to make up their own minds,” says Phil Campbell, School District 93.

Participants in the ‘March for Our Lives’ will be starting at the pier near Snake River Landing and marching all the way to the Congressional offices on Memorial Drive, hoping to share their message with lawmakers.

“It’s not fair that we have to be scared whenever we go to a concert or wherever we go, to the bank, that there is a possibility that this may happen, because things can happen and things will happen, but we should try and do everything we can to prevent it because indifference is the thing that is killing people,” says Rich.

The event will start at the pier near Snake River Landing at 10:00 a.m.


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