ASHTON, Idaho (KPVI) - It's basically a spaceship on wheels, and Fall River Electric in Ashton made a purchase for a Tesla Model 3 for work reasons.

"We did that late last year because we need to be, we are in essence the energy experts," said Ted Austin with Fall River Electric.

Austin says its elected board thought it would be a good investment to see what a car like this could do year-round.

"Teslas as well as any other electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle will become more and more popular," said Austin, "so it's important for us to know how they operate so that we can communicate that information to our members."

Fall River Electric brought in this Tesla Model 3 to test how an electric vehicle could perform in their service area, and they've been recording every test drive from start to finish.

Many things about the fancy wheels surprised Austin, but one factor that stuck out was the acceleration.

"I was surprised, surprised at the acceleration," said Austin.

Austin said the car can go over 300 miles per full charge. In the winter that charge is reduced by 50 percent.

At all wheel drive, the Tesla Model 3 maneuvers well on the roads during the winter months.

"Those are the kinds of things that we needed to know in order to share that information with our members that might be considering an electric vehicle," said Austin.

As they continue to work in the area, they believe the Tesla will basically be a part of their team of energy experts.

"We are the energy experts for our members," said Austin, "and with the popularity of electric vehicles growing, we needed to know how an electric vehicle operated in our service area."


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