The American Falls High School FFA AG Issues Team and their Teacher met with the Power County Commissioners on Monday to talk about a proposed trail they call the ‘Ferry Hollow Trail.’

The team’s objective is to present both sides of the issues of the proposed trail.

“So there are people that are for the trail that would think that it would bring a lot of recreational value to the community, but then there are people that are, yeah, we wish it would be here but not on our property,” says Guadalupe Murillo, American Falls High School FFA AG Issues Student.

The proposed trail would go from Seagull Bay all the way over to Massacre Rocks.

“Right now we’re in the process of trying to identify perhaps what the best route might be, what the best conveniences for people might be in that process in and along the trail, the amenities that folks might want as well,” says Marc Beitia, American Falls Mayor and American Falls High School FFA Teacher.

The mayor says that while they are still in the early stages of the process, they are putting together several different grants to help facilitate what the people of Power County might want to see on the trail.

The trail would be for pedestrians and bikes and would run about 25 miles along the Snake River.

“It will create a destination for folks to want to come, not only for the birding activities but for the hiking, for the fishing, and all the other activities that we have here in town.  It just ties everything together in a nice neat ribbon,” says Mayor Beitia.

The Mayor and his students will also be meeting with the Pocatello City Council this week to get their input and feel for a regional aspect that the ‘Ferry Hollow Trail’ might bring.


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