"Donald Dancliffe has been with us since about 2019 when we first started out and he's currently on deployment in another state within the U.S. here but he's away from his family."

And in that time, his wife and daughter were in a car collision which Devenney described as traumatic.

"You know, it was pretty traumatic I think. It was not just a fender bender." 

They had to be pulled from the car, but luckily no one was severely injured.

While Dancliff is out, the department decided to lend their support with a little food fundraiser.

"To support him and his family while they're gone we put on this spaghetti dinner tonight to try to raise funds to give them."

The smell of Prego pasta sauce, and the sound of cars driving to support the family was a promising sight to those helping at the event.

"Anything they can do to make things better for them."

This isn't the first time the department has hosted a spaghetti dinner either.

"When we first formed as a fire department here, we were having a building built for us along with some other industrial area."

But at the time, a roof collapsed and two workers were lost.

And that's when the spaghetti dinner idea sprouted.

The first time they hosted their dinner, they raised roughly $2,000 dollars to support those families.

To the folks at the North Bannock Fire Department, family seems to be a focal point.

"You know, firefighters are a little prideful sometimes so it was a thank you, we really appreciate it but he didn't really need to say anything. We knew how he felt."

It also goes without saying the gesture to the family was all they needed to be shown as a thank you.

"His wife and daughter have been so appreciative. We've been talking to them a lot too so it was conveyed very well."

If you would like to donate, you can venmo the department by looking up their user name: NBFDFFA.


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