The first big concert of the year has been announced for the Portneuf Wellness Amphitheater in Pocatello.

For some this is music to their ears and Portneuf Wellness officials are saying this is just the beginning for concert goers and the local economy.

The future of the Portneuf Amphitheater is looking up as they just announced the first concert line-up of the year, with the metal tour of the year, Megadeth who is set to hit the stage at the end of July.

Event Director Guy Patterson says they’re considered one of the big four in the metal genre.

“And so it’s nice to have a prominent band and artist that will come and play.  They are bringing three other groups with them, so it will be a big show and this is what they’re billing as festivals in other places,” says Guy Patterson, Event Director.

One that note, Bannock County is in contract negotiations with ‘Live Nation,’ one of the largest promoters in the United States.

“We have a contract that’s waiting to be signed.  It’s an amendment to our current contract that allows for the county to concessions at the concerts, for the county to have the exclusivity clause taken away, to allow us to bring in other professional acts and use other promoters,” says Patterson.

Patterson says this new contract amendment with ‘Live Nation’ is still under review, but once it’s signed, it will help keep the money in the community.

“For the county, we’re elated because we’re keeping money here in the county, so when somebody wants to come to Pocatello and watches a concert, more of the proceeds will stay here and can be rejuvenated back into the economy and to help with future concerts,” says Patterson.

He says they have at least three other shows in the works that will soon be announced, but in the meantime, it’s important for people to support the Portneuf Amphitheater to be able to drum up even more concerts.

“The more tickets we buy in Pocatello, the bigger names we’re going to attract next year,” says Patterson.

The Megadeth show is set for July 30th and tickets go on sale Friday February 14th at 10:00 a.m. in the morning.


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