On North Garfield Ave. in Pocatello, five cats have been trapped and taken from their homes raising concern among some of the neighbors and they want their pets to come back home.

"I wish I would have known before hand what I know now otherwise I wouldn't have been letting my cat out for a second," said Kasey Colvin who lives on North Garfield Ave.

She says this situation has gotten out of hand.

She's missing her cat, Toker, a jet black feline who's been missing for 19 days.

"He's very domesticated," said Colvin. "Domesticated cats, if they get dumped they don't usually survive."

Of the five cats one of them had a reward of $5,000 if brought back to the owner.

That cat was found. The others are still missing.

According to Casey, she knows whose been doing this. The neighbor happens to live within two houses of her but has also lied about where she's dumping the stolen pets.

"The lady that admitted to trapping and dumping him, although she was blatantly lying about the position and the spot of the cat," said Colvin.

Another neighbor, Michael Bristo, says he's seen been told about the traps by residents near him.

"It's the lady next door to me," said Bristo explaining what another neighbor said to him. "I've seen the traps, she's got cameras all over the place."

It's a situation that has caused a serious stir in the neighborhood especially when it comes to trusting the people live next to.

"Emotionally, everybody here is losing trust on the situation of the neighbors," said Bristo.

A grim situation according to the pet owners, but some residents are willing to do their part to ease their burdens.

"Give us some flyers, descriptions of the animals we would be very happy to help. We've done some posting on social media," said Bristo.

Casey is pleading that people be aware of their own pet situations because times like this can be difficult.

"If you dump them, they don't survive," said Colvin.


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