More than 145,000 properties are at risk of flooding in Idaho.

That's what a report from QuoteWizard says stating there's a 290 percent increase in flood risk.

They looked at the most recent climate change data from First Tree Foundation and compared it to flood maps created by the Federal Emergency Management Association.

The reason for the massive increase in flood risk could be due to climate change according to one QuoteWizard expert.

"Why you're seeing this drastic increase in the number of flood prone properties is because climate change has changed the way flooding has been happening," said Nick VinZant with QuoteWizard.

With this overwhelming increase, things like flood insurance could also increase in cost. 

"People are more at risk, properties are more at risk and it needs to reflect that," said VinZant.

Idaho is seen to have the fourth largest increase in flood risk across all fifty states. Additional states like Utah and Wyoming also show flood risks exceeding 300 and 400 percent.


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