Free Pesticide Disposal

Workers unload a truck bed filled with unusable pesticides at the Blackfoot collection site. 

Don't know what to do with those old pesticides in the garage? One agency can help.

Old pesticides can be harmful to the environment if improperly disposed. So, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture offers free pesticide disposal opportunities across the state every year.

ISDA Field Services Program Manager Ryan Ward says, "The program started in 1993 and prior to that, we had reports of illegal dumping of pesticides on public land, so this program was developed to help eliminate that."

Since 1993, the ISDA has collected, and properly disposed of, 2.3 million pounds of unusable pesticides.

Ward says, "The nice part about this is the pesticides are not taken to a landfill and just dumped. They are actually incinerated so that is the end of the pesticide."

To give people across Idaho the chance to properly dispose of their unused pesticides, the agency sets up collection sites all over the Gem State.

Currently, the ISDA is making stops at cities across Southeastern Idaho. They expect to collect 10,000 to 15,000 pounds of unusable pesticides in Blackfoot alone on Wednesday.

Collecting that much unwanted product requires many helping hands.

ISDA Agricultural Investigator Broderick Johnston says, "We kind of explain to them [those who come to dump] the whole process of being safe when they drop off the chemicals and what they need to do. We help them fill out the paperwork just to make sure everything is done correctly."

Anyone can stop by to dump off their unused, EPA registered, pesticides at the collection sites.

Johnston says, "Everyone who comes, they are really grateful that this is provided because it's so easy for chemicals to accumulate on a farm or different things. Things that they're not going to use."

To learn about future collection sites near you and what types of pesticides are accepted for disposal, visit


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