A friend of the man that died in the custody of Bannock County Sheriff’s Office speaks out.

Lance Quick was booked into the Bannock County Jail for misdemeanor DUI.

Sheriff Lorin Nielsen says Quick had a diagnosis of mental illness and was off his medication and uncooperative.

Arrangements were being made to take Quick to State Hospital South before he died of Cardiac Arrest.

Brandy Perkins, a friend of Quicks, said that because of his struggles he tried to help people that were also struggling and she says she is baffled by what happened and just wants answers.

“I think all of us in the community that knew Lance, that cared for Lance, that love Lance, we’re all confused by these reports.  You knew he was off his medications, but medications weren’t provided for him.  He gets so stressed out, he has a heart attack?  I mean is that possible?  Is that feasible? We want answers here.  We’re all confused.  We all want closure for his family  and for him,” says Brandy Perkins, Friend.

Funeral services for Lance Quick are set for Saturday, December 22nd at 11:00 a.m.  at the LDS Church on 2140 Satterfield Drive in Pocatello.


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I agree, very suspicious what happened in jail. But it was not the government's fault. Always very easy to blame the government, but the idea it takes a village to raise a kid is not logical. It is the family that should be there to help; not strangers.
Where were the parents? Per Lance, they would have nothing to do with him (true or not...not sure, just what he told me). And yet, they owned the house he lived in (again per Lance...no verification).

And yes, he could be one of the friendliest people you would ever meet, and yet he could also be one of the most confrontational people you would ever meet. Might be cause at those times he was off his meds....not sure; just know.

Terrible that he passed the way he did, and for a guy who looked as healthy as anyone I knew (other than being mentally unstable) it was a surprise it was from a possible cardiac episode. Hopefully, the papers will get answers after the autopsy.

But this may sound harsh, but glad he didn't kill anyone when driving under the influence.


Um it is absolutely the governments fault. They are lying about all of it. He hasnt been drinking for 3 years and when they picked him up he wasnt anywhere near HIS car. He was with a friend. So Im going to back up my uncle, because he was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I love him and of course im going to tell the truth. Not lies like the FREAKING GOVERNMENT!

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