It's tough to accept the circumstances we live in. Sometimes it's hard to plan things like a birthday and getting people together.

But a group of people had an idea to improvise and still celebrate with their dear friend.

One of those people is Jason Moore.

"We were just wanting to come up with something to do for his birthday because he couldn't leave here he's been here for 7 months in quarantine. All fourteen people that live here at the independence home," said Moore.

Jason and Shawn have been friends for 40 years, dating back to their middle school days.

"Me and him we used to go skating together and we went to school together and I didn't really know who he was until he told me," said Moreno.

With Harley's riding by and fire truck horns sounding off  Shawn Moreno couldn't believe it himself.

"That was good I thought we were going for a walk (laughs) Sheila tricked me."

"Some friends came, some fire trucks, some harley's so it was awesome."

Moore said the goal of it was to show support for their friend on his special day.

"Just trying to make him know that people still love him and we're thinking about him on his birthday."We had to social distance and everything, keep him safe but tried to do what we could for him today."

The two speak frequently over the phone, but to see the smile on Shawn's face in person made it all worth while, said Jason.

"I talked to him on the phone everyday but to see him just happy to see that people are still thinking about him. He says everyday "When's this virus gonna go away Jason?" So just to see him happy is pretty awesome it's worth it all."

And to Shawn, he describes the relationship he has with Jason like a brotherly bond.

"Like brothers man. Brothers," said Moreno.


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