From Dine-in to Take-out During COVID-19 Outbreak

Customers wait patiently as they are getting their orders delivered to their cars.

This is just one of the few ways restaurants are looking to continue business during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Local Pocatello restaurant owners mention some of the challenges that come with it.

Penny pink, Owner of Portneuf Valley Brewing, mentioned how she's had to deal with the changes.

"I'm having to essentially having to reassess what we're doing operationally almost every single day".

Steve Piper, Owner of Buddy's Italian, explained how he made the change.

"What we did was go strictly to-go orders. What they do is call-in leave their order".

And while the operations have changed, the menus at local restaurants have not.

Cody Stufflebeam, Manager if Buddy's Italian, he tells us how they've been doing specials.

"We're doing the full menu besides for our daily specials, they were usually kind of limited items anyways. So just to make sure to reduce waste we kind of just cut those out but other than that we're still doing everything".

Penny said, "yeah we have our full regular menu available, all of the specials that we've had in the past are still available for take out".

When asked about how they're keeping business going the owners mentioned take-out deals.

Penny told us the deals at Portneuf.

"I added a half-a-dozen meal deals, even thought about giving out a couple candles to go with the meals (laughing) so some people can have a candle light dinner at home."

Cody, also mentioned the specials Buddy's has been doing.

"We've just been doing different specials giving out free salads. We did a promotion the other day where we gave away a free quart of dressing on Facebook".

Ensuring that these well known Pocatello establishments continue to stay here with us.


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