People are calling the Golden State Warriors a dynasty for winning three of the last four NBA titles.
If that's the criteria, the Gate City Grays belong in the conversation. This week they begin their hunt for the fourth of the last five Northern Utah Baseball League titles.
"From little league through high school and American legion a lot of talent comes out of here. So I've been pretty fortunate in my five years here to really tap into that and to give them an opportunity to come back home and play in front of their families," said Head Coach Trent Seamons.
Tuesday night the roster became official, as the players put pen to paper and signed their summer deals.
This year's team is made up of a good mix of young collegiate players as well as veteran players looking for another chance to play the game they love.
Brendan Hamill is the latter. He played for the Grays in 2017 after an 8-year hiatus from the game, then after a year off last year, he decided to give it another go.
"I really enjoy being around the younger kids, it makes you feel younger, and to play a game that's supposed to make you feel like a kid, no matter what age you're at, that's what this game is all about and for me that's what it's always been," said Hamill. 
The Grays present a unique opportunity for each player.
But no matter what each player's background is, they come together for one common goal, a goal that has become almost expected in Pocatello since the club's founding in 2014.
"Oh I mean a championship would be awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to a championship," said Hamill.
"The community's been so supportive that I think if we go out and do things the right way like we know how and like we've prepared for they'll be out there cheering us on, and it'll be a lot of fun," said Seamons. 

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