Getting Ready for Poky Portneuf Paddle

The Poky Portneuf Paddle is over a week away. However, today city officials made their way down to the river to test out the waters before the event.

It's time to take a float.

City officials drifted down the river to make sure it is ready for the Poky Portneuf Paddle event.

Poky Portneuf Paddle organizer Hannah Sanger says, "Get out and enjoy the Portneuf River if you've never been in it. It was awesome today. I mean, I hope everyone can get down here because it's just so pretty down there."

Officials wanted to make the river more accessible to the public. High river banks have been dug out and more than 10 tons of rock have been placed at Taysom Rotary park.

Before, it was almost impossible to get down to the water. Now, it's as easy to get to the water as it is to get in an inner tube.

The city officials floated from Taysom Rotary Park down to the bridge at Centennial Park. The same route that the public will take on July 18.

Those helping with the event want you to get your feet wet.

Poky Portneuf Paddle volunteer Hayden Perry says, "I mean it's accessible now. It used to be, 'Oh no! There's all these bad things in there.' It's a lot better than I think most people would think. Give it a try and you'll like it."

Volunteers like Perry will be at Poky Portneuf Paddle to give a hand to those who may need help in or out of the water.

After helping you get out of the water, event staff will help get you to your car. Free shuttle service between the parks will be provided that day.

City officials want the event to get the public more engaged with the river while having a good time.

Sanger says, "We expect to have a lot of community members down here on tubes, on paddle boards, On kayaks. And we'll have music, and food booths and activities. It's going to be a party."

The event will run from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and community members are invited to dress up or decorate their floating devices as prizes will be given out.


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