Tonight, one local man scored a personal touch down with the help of the community. Soon, that touchdown will have him sitting in a stadium to watch his first NFL game.

While the Oakland Raiders took to the gridiron Thursday night, the Pocatello community made an assist to Charles Buck.

Die-hard Raiders' fan Charles Buck says, "I'm pretty happy about it. You know, it's turning out pretty good so far."

Dozens of people attended an Oakland Raiders' watch party at Gateway Transitional Care Center. The goal of the watch party, to raise $4,000 for Buck.

E.L.F. Project Chair Dominee Hall says, "He definitely deserves to have something amazing happen in his life. He's definitely had some hard hands in his life, and that's part of the reason we chose him."

The E.L.F (Enriching Loves & Families) Project is a local charity that is similar to Make-A-Wish Foundation, but for adults. And Buck is about to have his wish come true.

Buck is a resident at Gateway, so it was the perfect place to hold a watch party to raise funds for his trip to go see the Raiders. To say he is excited about the trip would be an understatement

Buck says, "Meeting the players if I can and flying. I've never been on a big plane."

To get him on that plane, one little league team raised $700 for the cause. For those putting on the event, the money couldn't go to a better person.

Hall says, "He definitely deserves a great day, a great weekend, a great event, a great memory."

Buck has something to say to everyone who is helping him get to the gridiron.

Buck says, "Thank you and thank you very much for me going to the Raiders' game. I'm pretty happy."

Buck will fly out to California with a small team of health care professionals to see the Raiders play on November 17. It will be the farthest from home he has ever been.

To donate to make Buck's trip possible or to learn more about the ELF Project, visit:


You can also contact the ELF Project Executive Director at:


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