Gov. Brad Little 2021 State of the State Address

Gov. Brad Little 2021 State of the State Address

On Tuesday, Gov. Brad Little gave an update on Idaho’s vaccine rollout.

To date, 33,000 healthcare workers, as well as long-term care residents and staff have been vaccinated. There are currently 247 enrolled providers statewide that are able to administer the vaccine.

Little also announced on Tuesday who would be included in the state’s next round of vaccinations. He said that phase includes about half a million Idahoans.

Teachers, school staff, first responders and some frontline workers will be the next in line to get a vaccine, starting Jan. 13 through Jan. 31.

Then, beginning Feb. 1, those 65 years and older, as well as remaining frontline workers can begin getting the vaccine.

“The 65-and-older population is enormous, and there is still work actively being done to build up capacity among our providers to take on this population. We do not want to create a bubble or backlog. Once we get a handle on capacity, we will be able to get to the 65-and-older population,” Governor Little said.

The state’s COVID-19 website also has a new vaccine dashboard up and running where the public can see how many vaccine doses have been given per county. Other vaccine data will continue to be added as the site is further developed.

“With the arrival of a vaccine in recent weeks, we have turned a corner in our fight against COVID-19,” Little said.

You can contact your local health district for information about vaccines. You can also find information and resources on the state website


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