Governor Brad Little is visiting cities across the state. KPVI News that Works for You met the governor at the Pocatello Regional Airport to discuss the state tax deadline as well as other topics surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

One of the biggest questions for Governor Little comes after the United States government pushed Tax Day back until July 15.

Governor Little says, "I worked on something late yesterday."

That work, is a plan to push back the Idaho state tax deadline.

Governor Little says, "We cannot follow [the federal government] totally because our fiscal year ends in the end of June, and if we follow it totally that would mean we would have a big cash flow problem because of money coming in [after the fiscal year]."

The state deadline may not be pushed as far back as the federal deadline, but the governor says, "We are going to accommodate taxpayers as best we can with the federal government."

The governor says he has an idea of when the new date will be, but can't release it until legislation is finalized. Idahoans will be informed of the new date within the next few days.

The director of Idaho Public Health and Welfare is working with the governor during the pandemic and reminds the public:

"There are two things every citizen of Idaho should be doing: one is practicing good hygiene; washing your hands, covering your coughs and sneezes. And the other is practicing self-social distancing," says Director Dave Jeppessen. Which means keeping a distance of six feet in public settings even when a person is not symptomatic.

The governor also says there is something everyone should be doing.

Governor Little says, "Most importantly, which is a very Idaho thing, help your neighbors. Do what you can."

Governor Little left Pocatello for Idaho Falls to answer more coronavirus-related questions.


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