It was a great day in Southeast Idaho as Brad little hosted his first Governor's Breakfast in Pocatello.

One of the main points that he highlighted was that things are going extremely well in Idaho, and that they had a great legislative session on investments and education.

Little highlighted that he has a good trajectory on what to do with healthcare, whether it be through Medicare or state-based plans which would all contribute to creating an atmosphere where we don't export our children out of Idaho.

As for trade tariffs on potatoes, he mentioned that the USMCA which stands for the United States Mexico Canada Agreement must be passed which would allow for a more balanced and fair trade and increase our leverage to work with China and the Europe.

Little already has his agenda set on the next legislative session.

Gov. Brad Little, Idaho said, "Education, increases in investments in education, what we're going to do on healthcare, Medicaid implementation. There's an interim committee that talking about how we're going to pay for that but we're going to have a lot of benefits from it."

The Governor also added that the budget is doing extremely well.

There was 100 million left last year, and another 100 million is forecast to be left over this year.

Along with Governor Little, Senator Jim Risch gave us an update on what's going on in Washington.

Senator Jim Risch said, "We have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. We have unprecedented wage and salary growth. The first quarter of this year alone wages and salary went up 10%. So we're seeing a time in America that is unique to us right now and we should appreciate it, enjoy it, and celebrate that."

Senator Risch also added that the prosperity is being felt throughout America.


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