Many musicians dream of winning a Grammy, but never do. A woman from Pocatello sang until she accomplished that dream. She's back to sing for her hometown.

Jessica E. Jones is an award-winning vocalist. Friday night she's performing in Pocatello (where she grew up). Thursday night she rehearsed for that performance.

Jessica E. Jones says, "I loved it. I loved growing up here. It was a lot of fun."

She comes from a musical family and started singing at a young age.

Jones says, "I sang with a lot of community groups, did community theater growing up, as well as children's choir."

At 15, Jones was introduced to opera.

She says, "I started taking voice lessons in high school and my voice teacher at the time thought I had a really natural facility for classical singing. So, she encouraged me to audition for a small role in an opera called The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart in Idaho Falls."

She landed the role and became passionate about the genre.

Jones says, "I remember really being blown away by the voices and the singing. I'd never heard anyone use their voice in that way, and I fell in love with opera. That's when I decided that's what I wanted to do."

That love for the music led to Jones attending the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston.

Jones says, "It was really mind blowing in a way. It shattered my whole world. I had been in an opera, but I didn't understand what it meant to have a career in opera."

Having a career in opera isn't always easy, but in 2018 Jones achieved an accolade many artists only dream of. She won a Grammy for her performance in The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.

Jones says, "You just can't imagine something like that, right? Maybe if I were a popular musician, or something like that, or in a different genre; maybe that could have been on the spectrum of possibility. In a different field, but wow am I grateful for it."

Now, she's back in Pocatello to perform in her hometown.

Jones says, "It's just so special. It doesn't feel like anything else when you come home because people understand you from when you were just a tiny little person that loved to sing."

To all those aspiring singers in Eastern Idaho, she has some advice.

Jones says, "Remember that there are always people who want you to succeed in life so listen to those people, and believe in yourself. Anything is possible."

Jones will be performing with the Idaho State Civic Symphony Friday night at the Stephens Performing Art Center.


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