“The only thing I can say is I really look forward to it and the reason that I’m looking forward to it is that the national exposure that it’s going to give and above and beyond everything else we’ve done to this point,” says Larry Woodcock, Joshua Vallow’s Grandfather.

Larry Woodcock is the grandfather of seven year old Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow who has been missing, along with his 17 year old sister Tylee Ryan, since September.

The parents, Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell have refused to cooperate with authorities ever since.

Lori and Chad have been spotted and confronted in Hawaii recently and Lori was ordered to bring the children back to Rexburg, which she never did and still no arrests have been made.

Woodcock says authorities have shared with them why no arrest has been made but he says he cannot share that with the public at this time.

“For the sake of the children, we’re going to give them our confidence.  We are not going to jeopardize this case in any way,” says Woodcock.

The woodcocks are back home after weeks of traveling around the country talking with various media.

“All I want to do is keep the media out there and find that one person that has seen these kids, who knows where these kids are and will say something,” says Woodcock.

In the Dateline story, they mentioned Chad and Lori were trying to leave for Mexico.

“They’re not going anywhere.  I don’t think they can get off that island in any shape fashion.  I just don’t know how they would get off.  I think there’s too much media and I can tell you this from what I’ve been told by some friends that told of ours, that the island is really getting tired of them,” says Woodcock.

Despite everything the Woodcocks have been through, they say they’re not giving up hope.

“It’s been over four months now, in fact it’s almost five months now and do we get discouraged, oh absolutely we do, but we refuse to not accept, we refuse to accept the fact that they may be gone because until you can prove they aren’t here, I will always accept that they’re here,” says Woodcock.

The Woodcocks were just in Rexburg this past week for a status conference on guardianship.

No word yet when they will be back in East Idaho.


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