An update to the two missing kids from Rexburg.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin talked to one of the missing children’s grandparents.

Larry and Kay Woodcock are the grandparents of seven year old Joshua.

They just arrived in Idaho from Lake Charles, Louisiana, to meet with law enforcement working the case.

After arriving in Rexburg…KPVI’s Deanne Coffin spoke to Larry and Kay about their grandson, Joshua Vallow, an autistic child who hasn’t been seen since September, along with his 17 year old sister Tylee Ryan.

They call Joshua ‘JJ.’

Larry and Kay raised ‘JJ’ for the first 10 months of his life, until Kay’s brother Charles Vallow and his wife Lori Vallow wanted to adopt him.

“Due to the fact that I am almost 73 years of age and we felt that because of the age difference, the fact that Charles and Lori at that time were the absolute perfect parents,” says Larry Woodcock, ‘JJ’s grandfather.

Larry and Kay came out to East Idaho to meet with authorities working the case, hoping they could help with information relating to the investigation.

“One of the primary reasons for us being here, this is the last know sighting of those two children.  What we want to do is meet with authorities and then hopefully the school system will be kind enough to allow us to have a short visit with his teacher.  ‘JJ’ has a life that there has to be uniformity, consistency in his life and we want to simply ask what was he like in school,” says Larry.

Lori Vallow was married to Kay’s brother Charles Vallow until July 11th, when Lori’s brother shot and killed her husband Charles in Chandler, Arizona.  He told police at the time that it was self defense.

Since then, Lori’s brother has also died.

Lori married Chad Daybell just weeks after his wife Tammy Daybell died, which now investigators are looking into her suspicious death.

Kay says Lori told her that Chad Daybell is her fifth husband.

Kay also says two of Lori’s ex-husbands are not alive.

According to Kay’s brother Charles, Lori and Chad had been having an affair since at least 2018 after they met in a religious cult type group.

According to court documents, Charles wanted to divorce Lori because of her new religious beliefs.

“So it had been an ongoing affair and there had been things that my brother ran across that he knew that there was something going on and he shared that with me and I mean there was no doubt, but he seemed to be in just complete denial because he was in love with her and he wanted to make their marriage work,” says Kay, ‘JJ’s grandmother.

Now police say the newlyweds refuse to cooperate and tell investigators where the missing children are.

“We miss him.  We love him and we wish Lori would come to her senses, if she has any left and just let us and the world know that ‘JJ’ and Tylee are okay.  It’s reprehensible what she’s doing.  There’s no just cause for this.  She could end all of this, this part of the craziness by just a Facetime with the two kids, but she has chosen not to do that and so therefore she’s forced the law enforcement to proceed as they have,” says Kay.

The Woodcocks say they’ve made several attempts to reach out to Lori, but she’s never responded.

“He’s just so bright and he’s so funny.  He’s just an amazing, amazing child and it’s just breaking our hearts not knowing where he’s at and this whole thing could be taken care of in one telephone call.  Facetime, one Facetime.  He papa come get me.  Papa I’m here.  Mama I’m okay.  That’s all we want, but if she doesn’t want him as she has indicated to numerous people, then tell us where he’s at and let us go find him.  Let us go get him.

On Friday, investigators searched the home of Chad and Tammy Daybell.

They collected over 40 items, including computers, cell phones, documents and medications.


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