Pocatello is relighting the night after the neon signs that once lit up the streets of Old Town began to fade into darkness.

Now, old neon signs are being restored and are once again lighting up historic downtown.

"It's breathtaking," says Randy Dixon, Relight the Night Chariman.

19 neon signs are now lighting up the streets of Old Town. Signs include The Pocatello Indian, Maag's Prescription, The Whitman Hotel, and of course the sign that started it all, the iconic Pocatello Chief.

"This community embraces that sign because of what it represents and that's what all these signs do," said Dixon.

The Relight the Night initiative began in 2012 with the restoration and relighting of the Pocatello Chief. At that time only 12 neon signs lit up in Old Town, but since then seven other signs have been restored and their stories can once again be told.

"They are rich histories and rich stories that can be shared generation to generation," said Stephanie Palagi, Old Town Executive Director.

About half a dozen more neon signs are expected to be turned on across downtown Pocatello. Relight the Night is working to bring the Fred's Photo sign back to life and it will eventually other signs down Union Pacific Avenue in what is being called "Neon Alley."

"Retain that history and preserve where we have been and moving forward those signs bring life, color and excitement of the streets of Old Town in the evenings," says Palagi.

The Pocatello Chief and the Bus Depot signs are some of the most iconic in the country and each holds a special meaning to people who grew up in the Gate City. The history of Pocatello is being shared in a unique way that isn't seen across the region.

"There have been initiatives to save some neon signs in Boise but they haven't come to fruition like they have in Pocatello," says Dixon.

The next sign to light up Old Town will be the “Paris” sign. A lighting ceremony is expected in September.

On August 18th Old Town will host a Neon Sign Walk where people can learn the history behind the signs. The event will run from 5 to 9 PM. 


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