"These import tariffs are going to make American products more expensive and this exactly what we were moving against and away from over the last 20 years," said Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation. 
On Wednesday, Mexico responded to President Trump's steel and aluminum tariff by placing a tax on imports from the United States.
Unfortunately for Idaho, those exports include potatoes and dairy products.
"Wasn't encouraging, it's not exciting news. But we do favor talks and we hope the two nations work this out before these tariffs are imposed," said Sean Ellis of the Idaho Farm Bureau.
So if the tariffs are imposed, exactly how will it affect Idaho's first-class farming and agriculture system?
Idaho is the top potato-producing state in the United States, they're also top-five in dairy. But despite this, it may not be time to panic for the farming industry just yet.
"Most of these potatoes I believe should already be under contract, I think things are already worked out with McDonald's or whatever it may be, it's going to take a least some time for that to shift over," said Andrew Mickelsen of Mickelsen Farms in Roberts.
Mickelsen estimates it'll take about six months to a year before the big businesses in Mexico who import Idaho potatoes will need to renegotiate, which is when the tariffs would be imposed.
In the meantime he doesn't anticipate a supply increase nor a demand decrease.
But even though it may not be time to hit the panic button, it still doesn't make Mickelsen feel any better about his life being used as political leverage.
"You always want it to be someone else instead of you, and ideally we'd never have gotten to this situation, but when it comes down to it, at some point there has to be some sacrifices to come up with a greater end goal," said Mickelsen.

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