"The intention is to create an environment where girls feel a little more confident speaking up, less self conscious about some of the questions they have," says Service Coordinator for the Fish and Game office in Pocatello.

They started classes Monday for girls and ladies. 

It's a setting Atwood says is a bit more easy going than the mixed classes.

"Typically in a mixed class, boys end up dominating our conversations," says Atwood.

But Wednesday's focus has been about what to do when you're out in the field.

Some participants have hunting backgrounds and still wanted to learn more.

"When I was first coming here I was like 'Oh this is going to be easy. I know all this stuff, I go hunting a lot," said Shyann Schilhabel, a course participant, "But no I actually learned a lot more than I thought I would."

Schilhabel says she goes hunting with her parents every year. 

Pheasents and duck tend to be favorites for herand her family, but when she goes hunting the biggest takeaway is safety and self awareness. 

"You have to be really responsible to go hunting and you have to manage your gun and make sure you know where everybody is," says Schilhabel.

Atwood says the class should be seen as an opportunity for young girls to know the in's and out's of any obstacle they face when hunting.

"We're teaching girls that this can be something they do independently on their own," says Atwood.

As a life long hunter, Atwood says she didn't encounter her problem solving skills in the field until she hit her 20's. 

Passing on what she knows to a younger generation makes it all worth while for her.

"Being able to pass those skills on to ladies and girls is big time rewarding for me," says Atwood.


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'young ladies'; what is this, the 1950's?

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