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An Idaho Central Credit Union Employee no longer works at a local branch after being connected with a controversial twitter hashtag promoting misogyny, homophobia, and anti-semitism. 


According to an email obtained by KPVI, assistant branch manager Colin Carr at the ICCU on Benton Street communicated with Ricky Taylor, an ICCU member about former employee Logan Smith. 


Taylor brought the issue up with the manager after finding the twitter hashtag “Deznat,” which Smith said he created. 


A thread posted by ‘Deznat Exposed’ connected a profile Smith used under the name ‘JP Bellum’ with tweets like hashtag ‘repeal the 19th’ which is an amendment that gives women the right to vote. 


In one tweet, it details that Smith tried to expose a gay student at Brigham Young University.


Ricky Taylor, a member of the deaf and LGBTQ community, wanted to bring this issue forward because he believes a behavior such as this should not be welcomed in any community.


“I think that the community needs to know that this behavior is not acceptable and as the community we need to support each other and not accept behavior that is not right or is against a group,” said Ricky.


Ricky was joined by an interpreter that accompanied him to help communicate. 


Carr the assistant manager at the ICCU branch says the credit union as a whole does not share the same beliefs as the ones shared on the twitter thread.



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