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A candidate who is running to be Idaho’s next Governor make stops in eastern Idaho on Thursday.

Ed Humphreys started the day in Rexburg talking with home school parents and ended the day at the Senior Center in Pocatello.

Humphreys says that parents are telling him that they are concerned about educational choice in Idaho.

At the gathering at the Senior Center, Humphreys talked about his background and family and took questions from the audience.

He also stopped by the KPVI studios earlier in the day and talked about the importance of Idaho taking back Gem State land from the Federal Government.

“When it comes to public land issues," explains Humphreys, "we have to understand that the Federal Government over 61% of the land here in the state of Idaho. And they pay us a pittance on it. I believe they control something around 33 million acres and that’s about how much they pay us about $33.5 million for that acreage, so a little bit more than a buck an acre. Just to give you an idea, when the state manages that land, for the 2.5 the state manages, we make over $84.5 million on a much smaller portion of the land in the state. So, the Federal lands are grossly mismanaged in a lot of ways. What we need to do is facilitate a return or control of those lands back to the state and preserve them for our use so that we can recreate on those lands and the like.”

Humphreys is also calling for a debate with Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin who is also running for Governor.

The primary will be held May 17, 2022.


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