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The Idaho Diaper Bank Warehouse on Wheels has partnered with seven non-profits and district health offices to form the Eastern Idaho Diaper Bank Alliance to distribute free diapers to babies living in low-income families residing in Eastern Idaho. Agencies which will be distributing diapers to those in need are Bingham Crisis Center, Community Dinner Table, One Church One Child, Salvation Army, Shepherds Inn and Pregnancy Support Center, and both the Eastern Idaho Public Health and Southeastern Public Health offices.  Community Food Basket of Idaho Falls will act as the storage facility and will host a diaper bundling event August 29th to prepare the diapers for distribution in the coming months.

IDB was formed in 2014 with the vision of ensuring every diaper-wearing person in Idaho has access to diapers and diapering supplies they need to remain clean, dry, healthy and happy. IDB collaborates with community partners to organize diaper drives, purchase diapers in bulk, and distribute free diapers to nonprofit partner recipient agencies, ultimately assisting families and babies most in need. IDB initial geographic focus was aimed at babies in need throughout the Treasure Valley. IDB recently expanded its reach to surrounding rural communities through its Warehouse on Wheels Program and is also providing diapering/incontinence supplies for the elderly. IDB is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network.

In 2019, IDB surpassed two million diapers and distributes, each month, over 50,000 free diapers to over 45 community nonprofit partner recipient agencies, including childcare centers, crisis nurseries, domestic violence shelters, food pantries, and faith-based organizations. By being intermediaries, IDB limits duplication of services, reduces administrative expenses and works collaboratively to solve a basic human need at the community level. Diapers provide incentives for mothers to keep prenatal and well-baby visits, and they have a direct link to creating healthy communities and families. 

Please help spread the news about this resource available to all families in need in your community!  For more information, go to www.idahodiaperbank.org or to the websites off each participating agency.


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