After the Idaho Falls Bandits won the American Legion World Series on Wednesday, the city of Idaho Falls was stuck between celebrating and scrambling.
"The nature of this, it had to be last-minute. It was so wonderful to see how many people would answer their phone and say 'well sure I'll be there, sure I'll donate ice cream or donate baseballs or hot dogs,'" said Mayor Rebecca Casper about putting the celebration together in a day.
The Bandits got back to Idaho Falls at about 2:30 Thursday morning, and 15 hours later they were being carried by an Idaho Falls fire truck down Memorial Drive, hoisting their trophy for hundreds to see.
"It is unbelievable honestly. When we came down the road, just to see the number of people to support these young men, this is a great community," said Bandits' Coach Ryan Alexander. 
The Bandits are the first team from Idaho to win the American Legion World Series, and on the way had to travel to Phoenix, Denver, and Lewiston twice before winning it all in North Carolina.
And on the journey, it was just as much about the baseball as it was about developing character, and learning what American Legion Baseball is all about.
"The legionaries there do a very goods job of helping the boys remember why they're able to be there. There's a reverence and a respect for those veterans that have served, and some unfortunately that have lost lives," said Alexander.
With that in mind, the team awarded their regional championship trophy to Idaho Falls Post 56.
"I'm the only person from Idaho that's on the national executive committee, so when they call our name, people will call 'roll tide' etc., so when they call my name for roll, it's gonna be 'Idaho's here! Home of the Bandits! The World Series winners of American Legion baseball,'" said Bob Skinner with the American Legion. 
And this band of baseball players from five different high school across Idaho Falls showed what it means to win as a team, and win as a community.

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