**CORRECTION**: In the editorial video, a graphic has Chip's last name spelled "Shwarze" when it should be spelled "Schwarze."

"If you're a sprinter and you're in a 100-yard dash and you're at the 90-yard mark and you're three steps ahead of the guy behind you, you don't stand up and walk across the finish line. And that's really where we're at right now with this pandemic," said Chip Schwarze at the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Schwarze is referring to SCR 101 being discussed in the Legislature, which would bring an immediate end to state declaration of emergency in regards to the pandemic.

A move he says would have more negative effects than positive outcomes.

"Big concern is that if we lose the vaccination funding we won't get people vaccinated we won't be able to return to our rebound path to get fully opened in the state of Idaho which is what our business community really needs," said Schwarze.

Schwarze emphasized if Idaho sticks to this path in the race against the pandemic, the finish line will be in reach.

"The sooner we can get the vaccination level and hit that heard immunity point that people are confident and comfortable to go out, that's the point we'll be able to return to normal," said Schwarze.

Adam Frugoli on the Chamber of Commerce board said the legislators in the Capitol are there for a reason, but they shouldn't have the power to make executive decisions like Governor Little.

"We elect these individuals and we elect them to lead in particular times of disaster. If we're not happy about how Governor Little has conducted himself we can have that vote," said Frugoli.

Frugoli believes the Governor has been doing his job to keep the state and line and not fall behind in the progress made up to this point.

"We've elected Governor Little for a reason and that's why we elect a governor to run the day-to-day operations and he has the data that he needs and I think he's taken a measured approach," said Frugoli.

Although not always accepted, he says the governor is getting the job done.

"It may not always be popular but I think the governor has been willing to listen to concerns as this approached he's listening to science and he's listening to the business community," said Frugoli.

And once this race is finished, the community hopes to have a sigh of relief to finally be finished with this marathon.

"We want business and individuals to be able to do the things they love to do here in Idaho," said Schwarze.


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