After nearly two years of construction, a new hospital is open to the community.

Idaho Falls Chief Operating Officer Casey Jackman says, "We think it's very important for the community because the community, for a long time, has been asking for an option. An option for emergency care. An option for regular medical services and for acute care."

That option is the new Idaho Falls Community Hospital that opened Monday. Along with providing the community with needed medical services, the hospital hopes to be different from others.

Jackman says, "I think the biggest difference you're going to see here is the culture. The way we treat each other, the way we treat the patients, the way we treat the physicians. It's patterned much after the way Mountain View Hospital has been run."

The culture isn't the only thing the two hospitals share. Mountain View Hospital and Idaho Falls Community Hospital share the same main lobby, but they provide different services. However, these different services are meant to be complimentary to one another.

For instance, Jackman says, "Well, we're standing in the emergency room. That's the first one. We have a 22-bed emergency room that's capable of taking care of the vast majority of visits to the emergency room."

Outside of the emergency room, the hospital provides in-patient services, has an intensive care unit, and is home to an interventional cardiac imaging center.

However, it's not just providing a range of services that the hospital hopes to accomplish.

Jackman says, "I think us being able to establish our reputation in the community as a compassionate provider. I think I'm really excited to see where that goes."

There is still some construction going on at the hospital, but none of it affects the hospital's ability to serve patients.


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