"This is a little surreal for me of just being nominated for it," said Beth Swenson, assistant director at the Idaho Falls Public Library.

Every year, the Idaho Library Association chooses a deserving recipient who went above and beyond to assist their communities.

Beth is this year's winner for Librarian of the Year.

"To be the one that receives it, especially on such a hard year where I know a lot of other librarians were doing a lot is just such an honor," said Swenson.

But this library is not a place she's unfamiliar with. Her mom used to work at the same library years ago.

"I remember running up and down the ramps, using the computers, and checking out books and walking here," said Swenson. "It's been a really great treat I guess to come home."

In part to her receiving this award, Swenson was not only responsible for making sure the library ran smoothly during the early stages of the pandemic.

She also orchestrated the Idaho Library Association's conference online with two months to prep.

And she jokingly said her mom is to thank for being this year's recipient.

"It's a great testament to her. She obviously raised me right," said Swenson with a laugh.

But seriously speaking, she said it couldn't be done without her team.

"It's also to the library," said Swenson. "I couldn't have earned this award without my co-workers, my director, this amazing community."

Although some of her work consists of administration duties, her favorite part is the interaction with library goers.

"It's really just talking with the people that come in discussing books, new ideas and all that fun stuff to say 'Hey have you read this? You'll love it!'" said Swenson.

She hopes she's making an impact in people's lives, no matter what they might need even if it's seeking info at their local library.

"If it's the number of a legislator or if it's the book that your child is reading and you want to make sure it's okay," said Swenson. "Whatever we can provide in that regard, so just information."


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