The Idaho Falls Police Department is looking for new ways to boost its newly revived traffic unit.
One way they're doing that, is by sacrificing wheels.
"I like being a police officer a lot, and I like riding motorcycles a lot, I thought doing those things together sounded like a really good idea," said Officer Preston Littlewood.
Littlewood was one of the two officers selected to turn in their patrol car, for a motorcycle.
After completing a week-long training course, he's been on the roads the last few weeks.
"It's a double-edged sword from the same point, one that I'm not seen, and two that I'm not seen. It's good to not be seen to go get somebody that's an aggressive driver, but it's not very good to not be seen when I'm running to a personal injury accident," said Littlewood.
In that sense, Littlewood says using the bikes has made it easier to navigate through congested traffic areas while responding to incidents.
And that mobility, goes without sacrificing function.
The officers use hands-free communication through their helmets, can store laptops, and citation printers on the bikes as well.
"There's a lot of benefits and we're really excited about it, but we need to go through a trial period and see how effective it is and if we feel like it's actually making a difference," said IFPD PIO Jessica Clements.
Giving Idaho Falls police a new look, and hopefully, giving new success as well.
"It's something that I hope the public likes and I hope it's great tool for us to be able to enforce the laws and keep the roads safe," said Littlewood.

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