The Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems are working with Idaho Falls Power to reduce carbon emissions.
As part of the project, Idaho National Lab will house a small modular reactor plant.
"I think it's really exciting to be developing potentially a small modular reactor, first of its kind, here in Idaho at the Idaho National Lab," said Bear Prairie, GM of Idaho Falls Power.
Thursday night Idaho Falls Power hosted a presentation with reactor operator Michael Downs from NuScale, the company developing the reactors.
Of the many benefits these carbon-free reactors present, the 12 modules in the plant would generate 60 megawatts each, generating 720 megawatts of clean energy.
They also take up less space, are cheaper to construct, and have a higher rate of efficiency.
"Just to demonstrate hopefully to the world that we can build nuclear power plants on time, on budget, that provide clean, carbon-free energy to our communities," said Prairie. 
The plant is projected to be fully operational by 2027.

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