Deleta Skating

There are few activities that can transport you back to your childhood the same way as a trip to the roller skating rink can. The first skating rink was built in 1857, but the popularity of roller rinks really took off right around 1940, exactly when this Idaho Gem started rolling along.

It may be a Tuesday morning at Deleta Skating, but the building is full. And while this is a roller rink, most of the day’s patrons are strollin’ rather than rollin’.

Jackie Folger, third generation Deleta owner says, “We’re very laid back, not all tiny, tiny tots will skate. They’ll skate for five minutes or so, and then they want to run. We try to be family friendly. Our customers are our friends.”

This flexible and fun attitude is just one of the reasons this fifth generation business has been rolling along since the 1940s.

“I have grandkids and so they are the fifth generation and I’m the third generation,” says Jackie

Jackie Folger’s grandparents started Deleta around 75 years ago.

“Deleta was actually a building in Montpelier, Idaho,” Jackie explains, “it was built there and then early in the 1940s it was moved to Pocatello. They took it apart and moved it piece by piece to Pocatello because Pocatello was a bigger city and then they put it back together in the mid-1940s.”

And while the building has been remodeled and there have been some expansions at Deleta over the decades, the wood skating floor is still from the original building.

Jackie says, “I think the older I got the more I realized what it means to my family what it means to Pocatello and the history that it has in Pocatello.”

A history that includes concerts by famous entertainers and while Deleta is now known mainly for its skating, it seems it’s always been the favorite local hang out.

Mac Folger, fourth generation Deleta owner says, “I remember how exciting it was to be a part of it. To have friends that wanted to come skating with me and come hang out and always have a place to come.”

It’s a memory that is shared by many in eastern Idaho.

“We see parents that came as children and are now adults sending their kids, says Jackie, “it’ a great thing. It’s fun. It’s fun.”

It’s what Deleta skating has been all about for the last 75 years, fun.

And if you’ve wondered about the name “Deleta,” Jackie’s grandpa was named Dale and her grandma was named Leta… Dale… Leta…Deleta.


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