If you’re a fan of the “The Voice” or any of the other singing competition shows, you know the competition is fierce. And one local man knows this all too well.

If you’ve lived in Pocatello for any amount of time, there is a good chance you’ve heard of the Michaud Family Singers. They’re eastern Idaho’s version of the Von Trapp Family, brothers and sisters who stand together not only in harmony but in life. And for one member of this musical group, the dream of singing stardom continues to burns bright.

Stephen Michaud has the gift, an incredible voice that has been honed since he was a child singing along with his musical family.

“All of my brother and sisters sing,” says Stephen, “we would sing all over town in Pocatello for like anything like holiday parties and at church. People called us the Von Trop Michaud Family singers. And we loved that, its super fun.

The love that started as a child has followed him into adulthood and with it the desire to pursue his dream of being a professional singer.

“I would love to have a singing career, explains Stephen, “I would love to have that be my profession.”

He has recorded a couple albums and his most recent is one titled “It’s Still Mine” and is all original music. Stephen is not only a talented vocalist but an award winning songwriter whose placed in the top three in one of the largest song writing competitions in the country. But for all his successes, the dream of getting a contract with large music company has been just out of reach.

“I’ve tried out for American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, you name it I’ve tried out for it. It just hasn’t ever been in the cards to make it mainstream so I just kind of press on doing it independently,” says Stephen.

He currently works as the choir director at a facility for troubled youth in Utah, but returns to Pocatello every winter to host a charity event at his family’s church. He says the struggles to follow his dream have been discouraging at times and the pressures to change his path in music have been hard, but his faith and the encouragement and support of others keep him moving forward.

“But then I had a moment, kind of an epiphany,” says Stephen, “of like ‘no,’ this is the time to fight for it. This is what I believe in. It’s what I love doing and I’m going to fight for it. Since that time it’s been full speed ahead.”

As for that continuing shot at stardom?

“Every time I watch the Voice, I always miss the audition,” explains Stephen, “so this next year I really want to try out for that. Because I love everyone on that show. It’s been a minute since I’ve done the audition for that. I think it was three years ago, so try out again and just keep on going until that door opens.  (We hope you make it) Me too! I was not lying. Me too.”

Those auditions started in January and go through February, so we’ll be crossing our fingers and wishing Stephen luck. We’ll of course, keep you updated. And if you’d like to hear more of his music, you can click here.


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