The 4th of July is just days away and while many of us are excited about the fireworks and barbecues, one local woman is hoping we all take time to remember what these celebrations really mean.

It’s not Veterans Day or Memorial Day, but that doesn’t keep Jacque Alvord from tirelessly seeking out the graves of those who have served our country.

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “We were here one Memorial Day and I got thinking about all the military veterans that are here, particularly because I’m more of a historian, the ones from the civil war and the Spanish American war, and I thought, we’ve forgotten them, so I started trying to find them.

This former Marine officer and lifelong historian is on a mission to have those who served and are now buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello to not just be remembered but to be appreciated. And her quest for the last several years has been to locate, clean, and in some cases establish headstones for the soldiers who served during the Civil and Spanish American Wars.

Jacque Alvord, Voices from the Grave says, “What happened was I found their names. And I went online to and other locations to find their stories, and I found people in this cemetery that have done wonderful things and are now forgotten.

One young man particularly stood out. His name was John Crumb.

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “He was born in Scotland and he was raised here and he was a wrestler here in Pocatello. He went away from Pocatello and joined the war.

Jacque researched his service and life and found he joined the Spanish American War and spent time in the Scottish unit.

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “There are various stories about what else he did. But he did go to Mexico and he was the officer in charge of the American unit down there for Madero.”

And went to Officer Candidate School in the United States.

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “And he was so well versed in military matters that he left as a captain which is practically unheard of.”

Crumb went off to war and was shot not once but twice, the second time killing him.

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “He’s got a grave here, it sits all by itself, up in one corner, it’s sort of sunk in the ground and he’s the epitome of why I’m here. Because, here’s this young man, no one’s put a flower on his grave in many, many years or cared about him. He’s just one of many stories, but he’s the one I mostly relate to.”

Jacque has spent countless days and hours finding the last remaining evidence of almost 100 of these fallen soldiers, with the hopes that in some small way, she can give them a voice from the grave and that what they sacrificed won’t be forgotten.”

Jacque Alvord with Voices from the Grave says, “I look at it differently than a lot of people because, when I was in the Marine Corp. as an officer my first responsibility was to look after the troops so I’m still doing that. To me, we need to remember.”

If you’d like more information on the Voices From the Grave Project, you can contact Jacque, at


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