According to recent research, Idaho ranks low when it comes to Medicaid. 

Research analysts from ‘Quote Wizard’ looked at three Medicaid factors to determine Idaho’s ranking among other states. 

Those factors were cost of service for Medicaid health-care, overall funding for Medicaid per person in each state as well as funding for a percentage of state funding compared to federal funding. 

With millions of Americans losing their jobs, they’re also losing their sponsored health-care and typically need to get on Medicaid. 

“So really looking at the overall cost and funding in each state to determine, you know, how well people can be cared for on Medicaid in each state, and for Idaho we did find Idaho to be the 6th worst overall when it came to those three factors compared to other states,” says Adam Johnson, Research Health-Care Analyst, ‘Quote Wizard.’ 

The states that ranked higher were New York, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. 

The worst states were Montana, Nevada and New Mexico. 


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