Idaho lost over 87,000 jobs reported in February - but since then it's recovered over 89 percent of those jobs back.

According to a nationwide study done by MoneyGeek, Idaho has the second-most impressive recovery rate among the 50 states - Utah being the first with 95 percent.

"MoneyGeek has been tracking employment and unemployment across the Country since the pandemic started," said Doug Milnes, who is head of Marketing and Analytics for MoneyGeek. 

According to Milnes, and to data pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Idaho had recovered 89 percent of the jobs it had lost at the start of the pandemic," said Milnes. 

It was reported back in mid-July that the state's unemployment rate also decreased, meaning people were getting back to work.

Milnes says if the state continues on this trend, while keeping themselves healthy, Idaho will be able to make a full recovery.

"At some point every state will make a full recovery," proclaimed Milnes, "it just depends on how the virus spreads."

Texas, for example, has recovered over one million jobs, but its recovery rate is only 53 percent. The state of Texas has lost over 2.5 million jobs. 

Some states compared to others still have a ways to go if a "full recovery" is to happen. 

According to Milnes, if Idaho is able to stay relatively safe and healthy "they can certainly be one of the first states to recover." 

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