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Courtesy: Idaho State University 

The following is a news release from Idaho State University:

POCATELLO – Idaho State University’s total student enrollment headcount for the Fall 2019 Census Day was 12,425, a slight increase of 0.3 percent from the previous year. The overall positive enrollment report includes a sizeable increase in Early College (dual credit) students. The increase in dual credit enrollment offsets a multi-year decline in undergraduate degree-seeking students at Idaho State.

Overall, Idaho State has 38 more students in comparison to last year’s enrollment of 12,387. That  increase in the overall total includes Early College, undergraduate, and graduate students. Early College and graduate degree-seeking students are up this fall. Idaho State’s undergraduate degree-seeking enrollment is 7,273, a decrease of 326 students or 4.3 percent. The number of international students decreased by 129, or 26.7 percent. Currently, Idaho State has a total of 355 international students at the institution.

“We are seeing positive trends in our enrollment data,” President Kevin Satterlee said. “But it is important not to lose focus on improvements that must be made. We are working to solve a multi-year enrollment problem, and it will take time to impact meaningful change. We acknowledge and celebrate the increases shown in this report, but we are also committed to improving our undergraduate enrollment. That goal will require a combined and unified effort of the entire University, and our entire community, to properly address.”

This fall saw an increase of 278 students in the Early College Program, a 10.4 percent increase from the previous year. Overall, Idaho State has 2,948 dual credit students. Students in the Early College Program are classified as non-degree-seeking.

Another area seeing increased enrollment included graduate degree-seeking enrollment. In all graduate programs combined, Idaho State has 2,008 degree-seeking graduate students, an increase of 98 or 5.1 percent.

Total enrollment of Hispanic students is 1,430, an increase of 58 students or 4.2 percent. Since fall 2012, total Hispanic enrollment has increased by 403 students or 39.2 percent.


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