Voter Registration

National Voter Registration Day is two weeks from today.

The holiday is held on the fourth Tuesday every September. This year, that day is September 24.

National Voter Registration Day helps educate the public on the registration process as well as get voters registered before the deadline in his or her state.

Idaho is an election day registration state, meaning voters can register to vote at their polling places. However, doing so is not always ideal as waiting time can be long.

Idaho voters have options when it comes to registering. They can go online, or do it in person almost all year. This with the exception of the weeks in between the closing of open registration and voting day. 

Bannock County Elections Administrator Julie Hancock says, "Open registration closes about a month, a few weeks or a month before election day, but Idaho also has a same day voter registration. So, if you don't have time to come into our office or go online, you can go into a polling place on election day bring a piece of mail and your I.D. and register to vote."

Last year during the week of National Voter Registration Day, the Bannock County Elections Office registered nearly 500 voters.

For more information about voter registration, visit


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