Smitty’s Pancake and Steak House in Idaho Falls has been around since 1966. This family-friendly restaurant specializes in traditional comfort food but is best known for their buttermilk pancakes.

According to Reader’s Digest, Smitty’s was voted the Best Pancakes in the state of Idaho in 2021.

Lonnie Mack, who is the General Manager of Smitty’s says that this award was a total surprise for him.

“It is kind of hard to put into words,” says Mack, “we didn’t even really know that was something that was out there, so now in my mind I’m like, ‘Hey let’s get someone to test everything’, I want to know if we can beat out other states as well, not just be the best in Idaho but be the best in the United States. It is a great compliment to us and our hard work and everything that we are trying to do. These recipes have been around for 55 years so the fact that people still love them, it is great, it means a lot.”

Lonnie says that he wants his customers to feel welcomed when they come in for a meal.

“I want them to feel good,” explains Mack, “I want them to come in and just know that we are going to take care of them and be excited about coming in here to get to know us and the staff and just give us an opportunity to take care of you guys.”

Daniel Schaeffer, a waiter at Smitty’s says that coming to work everyday is exciting.

“It is a lot like, being with family. I really enjoy coming into work. It is really fun, we’re all friends here, and it’s just kind of like being with a family,” says Schaeffer.

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