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Information provided by Idaho Falls Police Department

The Idaho Falls Police Department is investigating reports of a gunshot in the parking lot of the Hurricanes bar early this morning. Shortly after 1:30 a.m. on November 10th, Idaho Falls Police Dispatch received a report that a person may have fired a gun in the parking lot at 888 Holmes Avenue.

Four Idaho Falls Police Officers arrived on scene within 1-3 minutes of the initial call being received, with additional officers responding in quick succession to the bar and the surrounding area. When officers arrived on scene, all involved parties had left.

After speaking with witnesses it appears that a group of people, primarily a male and a female, were involved in an altercation outside the bar. The female tried to leave in a vehicle, when the male tried to enter the vehicle. According to witnesses another individual not involved in the argument then shot once or twice into the vehicle. All parties then left the scene.

Officers searched the area for any physical evidence of gun fire included shell casings or bullet holes and none were found. Officers were able to locate the female involved and verify her well-being. She did not sustain any injuries from the reported gunfire. The male involved in the argument and the person who may have fired the gun have not yet been located.

This incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to please contact Idaho Falls Police Emergency Communication Center (Dispatch) at (208)529-1200. Information may also be shared anonymously with Crime Stoppers at (208)522-1983 or ifcrime.org. Successful tips to Crime Stoppers may result in a cash reward.


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