Southeastern Idaho is the most seismically active region in the gem state.
After a slew of earthquakes in Soda Springs over the last two years, the civil and environmental engineering department at Idaho State University decided to take initiative, and research what it could mean for the future, and potential effects on civil infrastructure.
"In terms of proximity, we're pretty close to the epicenter. So it's not so far away. It will definitely affect Pocatello," said Dr. Mustafa Mashal, professor at ISU. 
Based on the studies, the odds of a 7.0 or higher magnitude earthquake happening are likely for the region, partially due to the many fault lines, and many undiscovered fault lines, which Mashal says there could be tens or hundreds.
The seismic vulnerability of the region can be compared to the Canterbury province in New Zealand, which experienced  7.1 and 6.3 earthquakes within five months of each other in 2010 and 2011.
The latter, was a hidden fault.
"It basically destroyed the whole city, third-largest city in New Zealand, in thirty seconds. There was nothing left in the downtown because out of the 3,600 buildings or so, 3,200 had to be demolished," said Mashal.
So Mashal will present the findings of the sulphur peak earthquake sequence in Soda Springs from an engineering perspective to the Pocatello City Council Thursday morning, and go over how it could affect Pocatello.
Spoiler alert, it wouldn't be good.

"The current building code is kind of underestimating the forces in this corner of the state. Actually we have a whole bunch of buildings in old town area that could be seismically prone," said Mashal. 

Hoping to spread awareness, and present a potential problem before it's too late.

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